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Autoflex™ VI-R Contour Die
with Ultraflow™ IV Coextrusion Feedblock

The breadth of Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' expertise in designing and machining dies to
specific applications can be seen
in the thousands of our dies operating worldwide. Customers
range from custom extrusion and coextrusion processors to multi-national corporations. Our team of seasoned engineers and exclusive agents can
help guide you through the sometimes complex process of choosing the right
system for your specific application.

Yield better products and faster paybacks when you invest in the right system with greater capabilities resulting in process flexibility and productivity.


Cast Film Dies

Reduce the time it takes to adjust for changes from one product and yield larger quantities of good saleable film. Increase productivity without the sacrifice of melt flow streamlining that is characteristic of previous uniform-deflection dies. The Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries patented Contour Die™ also offers uniform deflection which reduces the amount of operator lip adjustment tuning required when changing to different products or throughput rates.

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Compounding & Pelletizing Dies

Reap the benefits of our flow distribution expertise – which enables you to produce highly accurate and consistently sized pellets. Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' split body strand dies deliver uniform flow to the strand plate from customized coat-hanger flow distribution channels.

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Extrusion Coating Dies

Make rapid and accurate changes in width, easily insert scraper to removed buildup, gain ready access for replacing seals and adjusting die gap, and quickly remove the deckle system for cleaning with Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' next-generation extrusion coating dies. Plus, this die will help reduce downtime!

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Oriented Film Dies

Ensure critical gauge control for downstream entering process through Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' advanced Autoflex™ automatic lip adjustment technology. Other key features for oriented film dies include improved layer distribution with computer aided manifold designs, naked edge for trim reduction, and EverSharp™ lip edge technology that provides better scratch resistance than chrome plating with a higher hardness level, reduced down-time, scrap, and less maintenance on the die lip edges.

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Polyside & Stripe Dies

Benefit from the versatility to process various resins or vary the number or width of the stripes with the dies Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries supplies for polyside and stripe die applications. These systems can be supplied in the form of multi-manifold and mono-layer dies, with or without coextrusion feedblock features.

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Raffia Tape & Slit Film Dies

Yield glossy raffia-tape film with a smooth die lip or reduce gloss with a serrate lip, which is an option offered on raffia tape and slit film dies supplied by Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries. This feature will help producers increase product strength and yield fibrillations that replicate the appearance of conventional rope or twine.

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RPVC Siding Dies

Maximize your profits by precisely positioning your expensive UV-stabilized cap layer only where you need it with Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' naked edge or multi-lane cap layer siding die technology. Our RPVC siding dies are unparalleled in terms of flow streamlining and layer uniformity, resulting in maximum productivity.

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Sheet Dies

Gain production versatility for custom processes with the rapid width and thickness adjustment features of Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries sheet dies. Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries builds dies for applications that range from stress-free optical sheets to thick, heavy-duty products, and from narrow strips to multi-meter-wide geomembranes.

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Twin Wall Dies

Achieve remarkable product tolerances, even for very thin gauge twin wall sheets, by utilizing Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' dual manifold, dual flexible lip technology that includes multiple zones of temperature control for each die body section.

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XPS Foam Board Dies

Offset much of the loss in productivity caused by switching to a non-ozone depleting, blowing agent with this innovative die system from Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries. Reducing down-time is a key advantage to the Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries' foam board die system.

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